8th Workshop on Civil Structural Health Monitoring -Naples, September 16-18, 2020


How to prepare your talk
All registered authors with accepted papers should upload the slides of their presentation in pdf format on EasyChair. Alternatively, if live presentation is uncomfortable because of a very different time zone, a pre-recorded video of the presentation can be uploaded. However, we warmly recommend to make live presentation, whenever possible, to stimulate the discussion.
The slides in pdf format or, alternatively, the pre-recorded video of the presentation must be uploaded no later than March 25th, 2021. Late uploads cannot be accepted because all the material must be uploaded on the server of the virtual conference before its beginning.
All presentations will be recorded and made available to the participants up to one month after the Workshop.
The duration of presentations, including discussion, must be strictly limited to 15 minutes.


Upload your slides
In order to upload the slides for the live presentation, you have to access EasyChair as “program author”; you are redirected to the page of your Talk: click on the “EasyChair” menu and, in the list that appears, select “My slides”. You are redirected to the EasyChair Smart Slide page, where you can upload the slides of your presentation by clicking on the button “Add new slides”; a new page opens with a form to select the file and upload it. Please, note that, while only the pdf of your slides is strictly required, upload of the source file is also recommended. Moreover, we recommend to avoid animations in the preparation of your slides. Please, be aware that 15 minutes in total are allocated for each presentation, with 12 minutes for the speech and the last 3 minutes for discussion.


Record and upload a video of your presentation
The pre-recorded videos will be made available to the participants during and after the Workshop.
Please note that the file of your presentation must be a video file in .mp4 format (max size: 10 GB) and that the duration of the presentation should be strictly 15 minutes in case of normal presentations and 30 minutes in case of Keynote Lectures.
We recommend using PowerPoint to record the video of your presentation, by adding audio and video as described here, and generating the .mp4 file as described here.
In preparing the video, please use the recommended settings for HD format (1080 x 720) or higher, and check that your name and the title of the paper are clearly readable in the video, before uploading it.
Please, record the video in a quiet place, without echoes or bad acoustics, speak slowly and clearly and check the quality of your video before uploading it. Make adjustments if needed.
In order to upload your video, you have to access EasyChair as “program author”; you are redirected to the page of your Talk: click on the “Upload video” link in the upper right part of the webpage (last link in the list); you are redirected to the “Upload Talk Video” webpage where you can select and upload your video.